Economic Principles

I believe it is a gift if someone can explain something extremely complex in a very simple way.

Ray Dalio, head of the very-successful hudgefund Bridgewater Associates, released a video explaining his understanding of the economy.  In a, 31-minute video, he reveals the unmentioned secrets of the the economy by comparing financial markets, debt cycles and central banking to parts of a giant economic machine. A very timely subject in today’s economy. Enjoy!



Last june Alex was preparing for the Ironman race of Nice in France, one of the hardest triathlons.  For ten years he has participated to almost forty triathlons, and four Ironman races. For him, sport is a way of life, something he can’t live without. This film is about the passion of a man for this discipline.

Triathlete from Triathlon Store on Vimeo.


Starting-up in the forest

Imagine one day you’ll wake up early in the morning in the middle of a Scandinavian forest. Nobody around you. The only creatures you see are singing birds and some Elks drinking at the lake side. You light up the campfire, prepare some bacon & eggs…  and then you start coding.

This is the life of Thomas Backlund. Thomas is a coder. He quit his job, quit his apartment and is going to live in the forest until his startup takes off. “I love the forest, I love to code.” Follow his adventure and his start-up at www.thomasbacklund.com/


(Source: www.thomasbacklund.com)


What most schools don’t teach

Every time I see video’s or read articles about this topic it feels like a cliche. …one second after I always realize that it is so true.


Inspiration – Learn


Up to a Paperless Desk – Part 2

Around 9 months ago my office desk looked like a mess, a jungle, a warzone. Back then I thought by myself that it would be a good idea to get rid off all this stuff (papers, sketches, printouts, etc) and start to develop a paperless desk instead. So I believed that there was only way to get rid off my print & read addiction: cold-turkey style. So I decided to forbid myself to use the print button. From now on, I had to get use of the painful bright light of my iPad. The habit of printing, reading and annotating, especially the most important stuff, on plain paper was such a natural and instinctive habit. Thus it was it was frustrating adapt to read and annotate on a screen. But  after a while I got myself addicted to a new habit. Look at the result…

Before (April 2012) …











… And after (January 2013)











A selection of the best apps that became my (only) favorites are

No. 1. (by far!) iAnnotate

IPad app for reading and annotating all the documents which I would normally print, review and annotate with my yellow marker or pencil. Very easy program to upload all kind of files (word doc, pdf, rtf, etc). It also comes with a very convenient browsing feature wherein my annotated docs can be filed. I use this program on a daily basis and it rocks. EUR 9 sounds a lot for this app, but it is very well spend. So cool that I’ve got all my stuff organized and always with me.

No. 2. Mail

Indispensible. Handy to save docs on the fly and of course to send to-do lists and  reminders to myself.

No. 3.  iA Writer

Convenient text editor for iPad. I likte it, it is simple.

No. 4. Instapaper

I started to use this app recently. Since I often make use of a desktop pc and wanted to store and read an article on a website  in a later moment in time. With a button installed on my computer I can instantly save an article whereafter it is automatically stored and uploaded to my iPad for offline reading later on.


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